Finding a Bankruptcy Attorney

It might surprise you to discover that more than one million Americans file bankruptcy every year. The actual number is steadily rising because of the state of the economy and the loss of so many American jobs. If you are considering becoming one of this quickly growing population you should look for bankruptcy Chapter 7 lawyers online.

Technology has become so advanced that a person can simply type in the type of attorney “bankruptcy” and your general location.  So for example, if you wanted to locate an attorney in Riverside County, California, simply do a google search to find a bankruptcy attorney in Riverside, or any other city, online. The convenience and security of online filing is quickly catching on.

If you are filing bankruptcy in Riverside you will not need to worry about taking time off from work to meet with the attorney if you will look at some of the online attorneys. These attorneys are available to you twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

Look for an online attorney that offers  free counseling or an online questionnaire that pre-screens you. The attorney that is willing to meet with you for free at their offices, or speak with you for free over the telephone, or chat with you at no charge on the computer cares enough about people to give advice. These attorneys want to steer you in the right direction.

You should look for a bankruptcy attorney with experience and that has quality information both on their website as well when you speak with them.

Ask around your friends and family and see if you can get any personal experiences with the attorney or law firm you are considering. Bankruptcy is a personal and private matter, but you may want to discreetly mention it to a few close friends to see if you can get any former clients of the attorney to give them a reference.

More than likely you are nervous about choosing the right attorney to handle filing bankruptcy in Riverside for you. This is a common reaction, filing Chapter 7 is scary and can be confusing to the average person. The terminology used when people talk about it is foreign and you do not want to appear dumb by asking too many questions.

That is exactly why you want a good attorney to represent and advise you on this subject matter.  Each bankruptcy court will require a different number of copies of the paperwork that must be filed. The online attorney will know exactly what is required and if there are time lines or limitations to be followed.

When you ask questions of the attorney you are considering they should be ready to answer them immediately, unless they are more complex and take research. They should give you clear answers that are understandable to a layman, and make certain you understand everything..

The attorney should be able to explain the process and the length of time it will take for your contemplated bankruptcy. They should be able to administer the “means test” to determine eligibility for filing Chapter 7. It is not actually a test, it is a calculation of the amount of money you have available to repay the creditors you owe.  This is generally done after you have submitted proper income and expense documentation to the bankruptcy attorney you have hired.

The attorney should be able to explain all the exemption rules in your case. A lot of your personal property may be exempt from liquidation or surrender during bankruptcy. The online attorney will advise you as to which items you can claim. Generally your house and a portion of land will be exempt, so will most 401Ks and cash values in life insurance policies.

When you file for bankruptcy online the attorney will complete all the necessary paperwork for you. The attorney will file it with the court and will attend your court hearing with you. When you are choosing an attorney to represent you they should explain all of this in the first meeting.

Remember that the attorney is there to help you through a trying time. Do not be afraid to ask questions about any portion of the proceedings you do not understand. You want to feel confident in your actions and in the process.

Allow your attorney the opportunity to help you through this. They are trained and knowledgeable in all the laws and procedures. They are your voice

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